Miley Cyrus used her Twitter account to do a special performance for her fans in Paraguay, after the festival at which she was due to headline in that country was canceled due to inclement weather.

To make up for it, the “Midnight Sky” singer took to Twitter to film herself singing her song “Stay,” from her album Can’t Be Tamed, while soaking in an ultra bubble-filled bath.

“I wish I could’ve STAYed & performed for all of my fans in Paraguay. Please STAY safe. I love you,” Miley wrote, and included a black heart emoji.  “Also if you can’t tell I’m a little sick, I think just super exhausted from the stress of yesterday! Got a few days to recover before BRAZIL.”

In a hoarse voice, Miley continued, “This song is for all my fans in Paraguay, who I missed out on seeing due to the festival being canceled because of weather, a terrifying plane experience and y’all made ‘Stay’ number one for me — so this is for you.”

She finished her performance by blowing a kiss to the camera and remarked, “Love you, thank you for your support, thank you for all of your best wishes, stay safe everyone.”

As previously reported, Miley’s plane ran into bad weather as it was flying into the Paraguayan capital of Asunción on Tuesday and had to make an emergency landing.  Then she found out that her headlining set at the Asunciónico Festival had been canceled due to severe storms and flooding.

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