Megan Thee Stallion has become the first Black woman to cover Forbes’ 30 Under 30 issue.

In the cover story, Forbes reports the 27-year-old earned $13 million in 2022 from royalties, ticket sales, merch and endorsements.

“I’ll take a break when I’m dead,” Megan tells the publication. “I’m trying to really build something…When I start sitting, I feel like I’m not doing enough or I’m giving somebody else the opportunity to pass me.”

Her busy schedule will continue into 2023, with a world tour and another album on the horizon. She’s also inked a deal with Netflix to create and produce TV shows, including one based on her childhood, and she has a documentary in the works with Time Inc.

“It’s really hard to be the first something in 2022,” she says in a video interview with Forbes. “I want to be bigger than just my music. I want people to know Megan as everything that she ever wanted to be.”

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