Madonna‘s older brother Anthony Ciccone — one of the star’s seven siblings — died over the weekend at age 66. She paid tribute to him in an Instagram Story Monday afternoon.

The Queen of Pop posted a black-and-white photo of what appears to be herself posing with all of her siblings around a table. From her hair and makeup, it looks like it was taken sometime in her 1987 Who’s That Girl era.  She’s drawn an arrow pointing to Anthony and captioned it, “Thank you for blowing my mind as a young girl and introducing me to…”

She then goes on to list a number of musicians, writers and even religions: jazz icons Charlie Parker and Miles Davis, authors Jack KerouacRichard Brautigan and Charles Bukowski, Taoism and Buddhism, as well as “expansive thinking outside the box.”

“You planted many important seeds,” she concluded, adding a heart emoji.

Anthony’s passing was announced over the weekend by Madonna’s brother-in-law, musician Joe Henry, who’s married to her sister Melanie. Anthony reportedly struggled with alcoholism over the years.

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