Foreigner’s Lou Gramm seems impressed by producer Mark Ronson’s efforts to get the band into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year. 

In February, Ronson, stepson of Foreigner’s Mick Jones, shared a star-studded video featuring artists like Dave Grohl and Slash declaring their love of the band to try to get them inducted.

“I think he’s a pretty creative guy, and there hasn’t been anything too boisterous or outlandish,” Gramm tells Billboard. “It’s telling the story the way he sees it, from his vantage point with his stepdad. It makes sense.”  

Ronson even got Paul McCartney to film a clip, with The Beatles member using some colorful language to express his shock that Foreigner isn’t already in the Hall of Fame. Gramm calls it awesome.

“That one I certainly didn’t expect, and if you just see it once you know it was completely off the cuff for him,” he says. “He said what needed to be said and that was it. I was very impressed and very thankful.” 

Gramm tells the mag he “had given up” on Foreigner ever getting nominated, sharing, “I was not feeling good that our peers were in years ago and we were completely neglected.” 

And while Gramm believes “things look pretty good” they’ll make it in this year, he’s trying not to get his hopes up. He notes, “I’m patiently waiting to see what happens.” 

The Hall of Fame fan vote is open until April 26 and winners will be announced later that month. The 2024 induction ceremony will take place in Cleveland in the fall.

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