As Lenny Kravitz gets ready to release his new album, Blue Electric Light, he’s looking back at his career with Vulture.

In the interview, Kravitz credits his debut single, “Let Love Rule,” as the tune where he truly found his voice for the first time, sharing that the inspiration for the track came from an unlikely place.  

“’Let Love Rule’ came toward the end of that album. It was something that came to me when I was living in Soho,” he shares. “I’d written ‘Let Love Rule’ on the wall, next to the elevator, so that people would see it coming and going from the apartment.”

He says that while he would constantly see the words, it took a while before they would inspire him to write the track.  

“Then one day I walked in the apartment, looked at it again, went and picked up a guitar, and it just came,” he says. “I thought it was just a nice phrase. “

As for finding his voice, Kravitz notes, “When I did that song, it was the beginning of me accepting my voice. That was the first time I had heard myself and went, ‘Okay, that’s me."”

When it comes to Blue Electric Light, due out May 24, Lenny chose it as the album that’s his “biggest creative rejuvenation.”

“I wanted fresh energy, new energy, and youthful energy, because youth isn’t only an age,” Kravitz, who turns 60 on May 26, shares. “Youth is also a feeling and a place to be. I’ve never been older than I am today, sure, but I’ve never felt younger than I feel today, which is an interesting place to be.”

Blue Electric Light is available for preorder now.

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