Katy Perry won’t be waking up in Vegas much longer, but she’ll always remember her PLAY residency thanks to some new ink.

In a video posted to Instagram, Katy explains that she and her crew all got matching mushroom tattoos to commemorate the residency, now in its final shows. It’s a tradition she’s been keeping since her first Hello Katy tour.

Now, she says, fans can get in on the tradition, too. “Everyone coming to my Halloween show here @resortsworldlv will get a lil [mushroom] temp tattoo of their own designed by [tattoo artist] @lizlizkimkim to celebrate the end of the residency with me too!” she writes in the post’s caption.

Katy got her mushroom ink on her left ring finger, which she soon realizes might be an issue: That’s where she wears her engagement ring from Orlando Bloom, and she’ll have to be ringless while the tattoo heals.

“Oh my God, I just forgot it was my ring finger,” she says in the video clip. “Sorry, Orlando!”

Katy’s PLAY residency officially wraps November 4.

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