Kate Hudson has no regrets about marrying The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson when she was only 21.

The pair married in 2000, were together for seven years and welcomed a son, Ryder, before divorcing in 2007. And despite the marriage ending, she doesn’t second-guess her decision to get hitched.

“I didn’t question it for a second,” Kate shared during an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast. “We were so connected. And Chris taught me so much about love and connection. It was just a wonderfully passionate relationship.” 

Kate also noted the marriage was “not a mistake,” sharing, “I look back at my entire life at this point, and I’m like, I actually feel like I might have gotten it right.” 

She describes the marriage as a source of stability during a crazy time in her career.

“So when I met Chris, it’s like when my career is taking off,” she said. “It was also a time that could have been a whirlwind and instead I was in this very grounding, loving relationship.”

“At the end of the day, I believe you love someone — if you loved them once, you really love them in some way forever,” she concluded. “Even if you can’t stand them, if you really loved them, if it was pure … you’ll love them through anything. Maybe not romantically, but that will always, always be there.”

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