She’s currently in theaters in the “twisty” thriller Sleeping Dogs opposite the “brilliant” Russell Crowe, but fans are already hoping Karen Gillan gets the call from Guardians of the Galaxy writer-director James Gunn for another comics-based role.

Ever since an artist posted a rendition of the flame-haired Scot as DC Comics’ plant-controlling baddie Poison Ivy, the internet has been abuzz with the possibility she’d reunite with Gunn, now the co-head of the DC Comics-based movie universe.

In 2023, Gillan told Total Film, “I always thought that Poison Ivy was really fun,” adding, “maybe something like that would be cool.”

However, the actress and director, who played the blue-skinned cyborg Nebula in the Marvel universe, starting with 2014’s Guardians, tells ABC Audio she hasn’t gotten that call — yet.

“No, we haven’t had any conversations,” she claims. “I mean, I have conversations with him because he’s my friend. But … kind of nothing serious about a specific character or anything like that.”

When ABC Audio pointed out that as Ivy, she could finally work for Gunn with her naturally red hair — and not shave it off like she initially did with Nebula — Gillan was delighted. “Yesss!” she replies. “I am not against that!” 

That said, she’s not picky. She told Total Film, “Honestly, if James asked me to play an alien that sits in the background of a shot and doesn’t talk, I would say yes, because working with him has been one of the great joys of my career so far.”


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