JT of the rap group City Girls opened up in a recent interview with Angie Martinez. The rapper appeared on Angie’s IRL Podcast, where she discussed her journey from childhood to being the woman and star she is today. While on the topic of being strong-minded in the industry and perfecting her craft, she revealed some advice she got from Nicki Minaj.

“Not many people can do this, so you need to come, you do what you need to do and you need to go as hard as you can. You can’t think about outside opinions,” she said, noting that’s something she struggles with. “That’s my problem. I let everything just get in my ear because I think they’re right for whatever reason.”

Heeding the advice, JT’s decided to focus on her work. “I feel like that’s where I’m at right now. Just gettin’ to it, giving the people what I’m here for, which is music, and being unapologetically me.” Plus, if she shuts up, she says people won’t have “nothing to say about me.”

JT questioned why she even has to “shut up” and “live my like like that,” before answering her own question.

“The internet has painted me as this angry Black girl,” she said. “Like, ‘She always mad. She always got an attitude.’ … That really bothers me because it’s, like, y’all don’t even know me.”

“I could be joking, I could just be talking, I could just be having an opinion, I could be defending myself and I’m the angry one,” she continued. “I’m the rude one.”

“I never went at anybody [unprovoked],” she maintained.

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