If you’re looking for a rom-com this Valentine’s Day weekend, then I Want You Back, premiering Friday on Amazon Prime Video, might be for you.

Jenny Slate and Charlie Day star in the movie about two strangers who bond over being unexpectedly dumped by their respective partners on the same weekend. They hatch a desperate plot to win back their exes, who’ve already moved on to new romances. Slate thinks it works because it really focuses on the rom and the com.


“It’s really nice to see a romantic comedy…and be in one, that is just about romance and comedy,” the 39-year-old actress tells ABC Audio. “And, you know, of course, there’s kind of like there’s our interesting plot twist. But the aim of the movie is to be both romantic and funny…And it’s refreshing, and it was really, really fun to do.”

Day agrees, saying, “It’s just a really sweet story about people that just happens to also be very funny. And then, I think I think that’s a winning recipe.”

LetterKenny’s Clark Backo, who plays the new love interest of Day’s ex, has her own idea about why the film works.


“There are no villains, which is really cool. Like there’s no archetypal characters that we’re supposed to hate,” she explains. “You kind of love everyone, which is really cool because it’s just like a reflection that in life everyone is just trying their best and people get hurt. But what do you do with that? And like, how do you find your way through and then how do you find your own love.”

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