Ingrid Andress may be best known for songs about heartbreak, loneliness and carving out her own path, but the “More Hearts Than Mine” star spotlights a more romantic, starry-eyed side of herself in her newest release, “Blue.”

The lyrics of the love ballad describe a relationship that’s opened Ingrid’s eyes to a whole new world. As she looks into the blue eyes of her love interest, the color takes on a whole new meaning, one she’s never seen before.

“It’s like I’d never seen the ocean or a Bud Light neon sign / Like I’d never seen a California swimming pool, a faded pair of Levi 505s,” Ingrid sings in the chorus. “Thought I knew just what to call the color of the Colorado sky / But looking in your eyes, it’s like seeing blue for the first time.”

The song’s subject matter has one foot in her real experience, Ingrid explains. As she wrote the song, she realized that she was falling in love with the person who inspired it.

“Blue encompasses everything that I was feeling in finding love that is actually healthy,” the singer says. “My mind figured it out before my body did — I must be feeling this way if I’m writing it. I listened to it and thought, ‘Oh, I must be in love, maybe.’”

“Blue” comes off of Ingrid’s upcoming new album, Good Person, which is due out on August 26.

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