Ingrid Andress is currently on the road as an opening act for Keith Urban’s The Speed of Now World Tour and she’s not taking a minute of the experience for granted.

“I feel honored every day,” she tells Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. “I’m always learning from him.”

There’s a lot to learn from: With decades of experience as a performer, first in his native Australia and then in the U.S., Keith has a massive collection of hits and accolades under his belt — not to mention, he’s one of the best guitarists in the country genre today.

Keith’s a particularly good teacher — and performer — because he never lets his music get stagnant, Ingrid points out.

“I think he’s still relevant because he’s so curious about music,” she continues. “He’s accomplished so much, and yet you’ll find him at a Harry Styles show because he just wants to see what the lights look like and what the sound is, and I’m like, ‘You’re Keith Urban! You’ve already made it.’”

But Keith doesn’t see things that way. “In his mind he’s constantly searching for the next thing,” Ingrid goes on to explain, “which is I think [is] what makes him such a good artist.”

The Speed of Now World Tour will roll on through early November.

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