Lauv‘s new single “All 4 Nothing (So In Love)” is about his relationship with his girlfriend, but he actually wrote it WITH his girlfriend, Sophie Cates, who also co-stars with him in the video. Lauv says he had some concerns about co-writing with Sophie, but they proved to be unfounded.

“So much of that first verse…she killed it,” Lauv tells ABC Audio. “I mean, the chorus came to me when I was laying in bed and then, yeah, I guess you could say there was part of me that was kind of nervous to write a song with my girlfriend, ’cause, like, you want it to go perfect, obviously…[B]ut it went super well, so…it was a great experience!”

So great, in fact, that Lauv decided to call his new album — which is coming out in August — All 4 Nothing, because Sophie influenced the project so much.

“Her coming into my life is, like, the biggest catalyst for all this positive change,” he explains. “The album is about going back to childhood and also finding those parts of yourself while still growing up. And…she’s basically kind of the person that came into my life and unlocked all this stuff, and unlocked me to be able to work through it, and to love me patiently through it.”

When “All 4 Nothing (So In Love)” was released, Lauv said it was about being afraid that your insecurities will ruin your relationship. But is he still worried about that?

“I think…[I’m] definitely over that stage of the relationship, but I feel like…that’s just the way I am,” he admits. “I don’t know why..there’s always a part of me that pushes love out of my mind a little bit or pushes stuff away…but, I’m working on it!”

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