(EAGLE PASS, Texas.) — The Department of Homeland Security is slated to propose a change to the process for those seeking asylum in the United States, three sources familiar with the plans told ABC News.

The new proposal, which could come as soon as Thursday, would allow asylum officers to determine earlier in the process whether an asylum-seeker is a national security risk and therefore ineligible to stay in the United States, according to the sources.

Currently, that determination is made later in immigration proceedings based on multiple factors. The new rule aims to allow that determination to be made during the initial screening phase.

The proposal would not go into effect immediately, as it would need to go through a public comment period and review before being implemented.

The proposed change would affect only a small group of asylum seekers, the sources said.

Homeland Security’s action comes as the Biden administration has been under increasing pressure to take executive action to deal with migrants crossing the border.

Conversations about what else the administration can do to address the border through executive actions are still ongoing, according to a source.

One action still under consideration is restricting individuals who enter the country between official ports of entry from seeking asylum.

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