Kip Moore‘s highly anticipated fifth studio album, Damn Love, is out now.

Preceded by 2020’s Wild World, Kip says this new record is, in some ways, shaped by the pandemic. While no song directly chronicles that period, the emotions and intentions behind crafting the 13-song project were a result of a change in perspective.

“The past few years have definitely affected my writing for this particular record. I didn’t write about the pandemic specifically, but the pandemic definitely shifted perspectives in the way that you look at certain things,” shares Kip.

“And even something like love, you know the title ‘Damn Love’ encompasses so many things. It encompasses the complexities of what that word means, the heartache of it, the power of it, the trying to understand it and figure it out, the need for it, the need for companionship,” he explains. “And I think that the last few years shifted your outlook on things and what you hold dear to you.”

Kip’s brand new single, “Damn Love,” is on country radio now.

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