Just three weeks ago, Luke Combs picked up his second consecutive Entertainer of the Year trophy from the Country Music Association. 

But even that pales in comparison to the new title he took on June 19 when his son Tex arrived: father. Luke admits it’s been quite a life change.


“Oh, man, it’s — I would say 180 [degrees], but it’s like 360, you know,” he tells ABC Audio. “It’s completely different.”

“I still have to do all this [music business] stuff,” he adds. “And then like the rest of my time — the small amount of free time that I did have is just squandered. It is completely gone.”

While dad’s on track to claim his fifteenth consecutive number one with “Going, Going, Gone,” he thinks his son’s latest accomplishment is just as impressive.


“He started holding his own bottle, which was pretty sweet,” Luke brags. “I mean, he’s only four months old, so I feel like he’s kinda ahead of the curve there. But yeah, he started doing that like this past week, so that was exciting.”  

Tex has since hit the five-month mark, meaning he’ll celebrate half a year right before Santa visits for the first time.

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