(NEW YORK) — The Florida Department of Transportation began soliciting bids to fly migrants to cities including Boston and Los Angeles starting in July, according to documents obtained by ABC News.

“The Department of Transportation (“Department”) manages a program to relocate out of the State of Florida foreign nationals who are not lawfully present in the United States (“Unauthorized Aliens”),” the documents obtained under a public records request say. “Under the supervision of a Department Project Manager, a vendor will, upon demand of the Department or certain designated state and local law enforcement or criminal justice agencies (“Partner Agencies”), arrange or provide either ground or air transportation and other related services (collectively, “Relocation Services”), to assist in the voluntary relocation of Unauthorized Aliens who are found in Florida and have agreed to be relocated to another state in the United States or the District of Columbia.”


Rebekah Davis, general counsel at the Florida Department of Transportation,, solicited perspective figures from James L. Montgomerie a representative of air charter company VSC Global, which, according to public records is located in Destin, Florida.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ultimately flew migrants using a different charter company to Martha’s Vineyard last month, following Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s action of busing migrants to New York City, Washington, D.C., and other East Coast cities.

“4 to 8 x people going from Crestview to Boston area is approx $35, 000.00,” he writes in an e-mail dated July 26, 2022. “4 to 8 x people going from Crestview to Los Angles area is approx $60, 000.00. This is based on using a 8 x seat KingAir 350 Turbo Prop,” he says.


“If you need to move more than 8 x people I would recommend using a mid-sized biz jet that can accommodate up-to 12 people. 8 to 12 x people going from Crestview to Boston area is approx $55,000.00 8 to 12 x people going from Crestview to Los Angles area is approx $90,000.00 We are certainly willing to provide you with pricing information on specific ad-hoc requirements on a case by case basis.”

Davis responds by saying the information was “helpful.”

She also seemingly solicited on-demand jet company Wheels Up, which sent a brochure over, as well as a Florida-based company specializing in the transport of inmates and does work for the Florida Department of Corrections.


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