Jake Owen dropped the next installment off an as-yet-unannounced new album today, and it’s a deceptively up-tempo song about heartbreak.

Called “Fishin’ on a River,” the song is about a guy who’s got big plans for a day of fishing — that is, until his love interest throws him a curveball by deciding to call it quits.


“I don’t know where it all went wrong / But all I know is that girl’s gone / And a honey hole ain’t gonna help me forget her / So I’m sitting in a bar instead of fishin’ on a river,” Jake sings in the chorus.

Jake says it was that unexpected twist that first made him fall in love with the track, which was written by David Fanning, Cole Taylor and Drew Parker.

“When you first hear the title, you’d think it’s a good ole country anthem about fishin’ with the boys,” he explains. “Instead, it’s a love-done-gone, sway-along track that most everyone can relate. Here’s to the brokenhearted chasing their blues away with Jack and Rye instead of bass and fishing line.”


Jake’s new song follows the release of his current single, “Best Thing Since Backroads.” Keep your eyes peeled for more new music from Jake in the months ahead.

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