Lauren Spencer-Smith has released “Flowers,” the follow-up to her breakout hit, “Fingers Crossed.” Like “Fingers Crossed,” it’s a breakup anthem — it was even inspired by the same guy who inspired “Fingers Crossed” — but Lauren says it’s got an important message.

“‘Fingers Crossed’ was definitely an angsty breakup [song],” says Lauren. “You listen to it and you’re like, ‘You know what? I’m not sorry…screw that person!’ Whereas ‘Flowers’…the lyrics are genuinely making you realize, ‘Oh. Somebody should buy me flowers. Oh. I should have been more conscious how somebody spoke to me."”

She adds, “They really are lyrics that make you think if you’re being treated well or not. Whereas ‘Fingers Crossed’ is more like a relatable ‘screw this guy or girl!’ kind of thing.”

And since many fans have told Lauren that “Fingers Crossed” encouraged them to leave a bad relationship, she’s hoping “Flowers” will, too.

“Anyone that was helped by ‘Fingers Crossed,’ I’m just really hoping ‘Flowers’ kind of inspires and helps them in the same way,” says the former American Idol contestant.

As for “Finger Crossed,” Lauren was happy about its success on TikTok, but says she “never expected” that it would actually get on the radio.

“When [a song] blows up on TikTok, I’ll be like, ‘O.K., I’ve blown up on TikTok before, I’ve gone viral, that’s’s happening again. I love it. This is great!"” she explains. “But to be on the radio is just absolutely insane!”

“I mean, any radio station…but to hear myself on, like, the local radio station I grew up listening to? And hear me be, like, ‘Hey guys, it’s Lauren. This is my song’….that is the weirdest feeling ever, and it’s so cool!” Lauren raves. “It’s, like, one of my favorite parts about the whole thing!”

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