He may be 78 years old, but Mick Jagger is still inspired by current music. In fact, there are two young artists he feels are helping keep rock music alive and well.

In an interview with Sweden’s P4 Extra, the iconic Rolling Stones frontman was asked what “inspires [him] most today musically.”

“I like people with energy, a lot of the time,” Jagger responded. “In rock music, you need energy, and there hasn’t [sic] been a lot of new rock singers around.”

He then added that he feels there’s now “a few” rock singers “coming up.”

“You’ve got a few in England, you’ve got Yungblud,” Jagger said, referring to the British alternative rock artist born Dominic Harrison. He added, “In America, you’ve got Machine Gun Kelly and so on, people like that.”

While he first found fame as a rapper, Kelly, born Colson Baker, has been at the forefront of the current pop/punk revival.  He’s also collaborated with Yungblud.

Jagger continued, “That kind of post-punk vibe makes me thing there’s still a bit of life in rock n’ roll…it’s nice to see people still enjoying doing that high-energy stuff.”

Meanwhile, The Who‘s Roger Daltrey is also a Yungblud fan, telling The Independent, “Rock desperately needs people like Yungblud. The kind of rock we made, it’s kind of gone, hasn’t it? [But] Yungblud is a resurgence of that kind of rock.”

In fact, Daltrey tapped Yungblud to perform at The Who‘s recent Royal Albert Hall charity concert for Teenage Cancer Trust, along with Liam Gallagher, Paul Weller and Ed Sheeran.

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