Most parents have been schooled on using social media by their tech savvy children, and evidently Ewan McGregor is one of them.

The actor on Wednesday tried to promote his and his 28-year-old daughter Clara‘s new movie, Bleeding Love, however, he had some trouble synching her video to his on Instagram.

“My Name’s Ewan, and my daughter Clara and I are unable to record our conversation here to encourage you to go see our new film Bleeding Love, which is just out in the cinemas in Britain now,” began the selfie-style video message posted to Clara’s Insta.

What follows is a fast-forward, back-and-forth chat between the pair — set to a remix of that anthem of things going wrong, the theme to Curb Your Enthusiasm — as they try to get on the same page with the post, to no avail.

Instead, it cuts back to Ewan mid-message, abruptly continuing, “— and available on video on demand now. We think you might like it, and it’s a lovely film, and we hope you enjoy it.”

The Star Wars star adds, “That’s all I have to say, and I wish you all the best.”

Bleeding Love has the pair playing father and daughter, “on a road trip to New Mexico to bring them closer together and sort out their strained relationship.”

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