Monday night in Denver, Colorado, Em Beihold kicked off her biggest tour yet, opening for singer/songwriter King Princess. When it comes to performing live, the “Numb Little Bug” singer has come quite a long way since being rejected by a major singing competition show because of her lack of stage presence.

“I feel like I just have more fun [onstage] because the more you do it, the less nervous you get, obviously,” Em told ABC Audio about doing concerts these days. 

She laughs, “I used to have extreme stage fright. I remember I got a callback from The Voice once, and the reason they didn’t take me, they said, was because I stood like a stick onstage the whole time.”

“I’d say there’s more going on now,” she adds of her performance abilities.

Em’s run with King Princess goes through November 5. If you can’t get tickets to see her this time around, or you want a preview of upcoming shows, you can watch one of her full concerts on the music website The Circle Sessions.

Meanwhile, Em recently celebrated “Numb Little Bug,” off new EP Egg in the Backseat, being RIAA-certified Platinum for sales of 1 million units. She wrote on Instagram, “i never would’ve imagined this in my wildest dreams” and thanked her fans for “streaming and creating a community around this song.”

She added, “You’ve changed my life and I love you all so much.”

Fellow breakout stars Lauren Spencer-Smith and GAYLE responded in the comments, writing, “PROUD OF U” and “YES BABE,” respectively.

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