Elvie Shane is exploring “County Roads” in his new single. 

The singer has unveiled the follow up single to his #1 hit, “My Boy,” is the rock-infused country song that’s inspired by his youth growing up in Caneyville, KY filled with “young love,” “good music” and “cheap gasoline.” 


“Here’s to the wild and restless souls/Who got their street smarts running down them/County roads,” Elvie chants in the chorus. 

“The story in ‘County Roads’ is the American graffiti that painted my coming of age years,” Elvie describes in a statement. “Knowing where you came from is important to understand where you are and where you could go. All the full-throttle mistakes made, lessons learned, and good times had are equally important. The choice for next single was a no-brainer after showing my better sides with ‘My Boy.’”

“County Roads” is featured on Elvie’s debut 2021 album, Backslider, the same year “My Boy” became his first #1 single. 


The hit singer is about to head out on his headlining My Kinda Trouble Tour that kicks off February 17 in Chattanooga, TN.

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