Elton John‘s recently relaunched Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour has put him on top of a new weekly chart: Pollstar’s Artist Power Index.

The ranking combines concert ticket sales data with streaming, radio airplay and social media of the top 1,000 artists to determine which ones are truly the most popular. The concert ticket sales data is more heavily weighted, since it usually generates the most revenue.


Elton tops the first chart, because not only is his tour doing well on the road, but he also is ranked fairly high when it comes to airplay and streaming. The top 10 also includes Elton’s former tour mate Billy Joel at #6, and Bryan Adams at #8. Further down the tally are Santana at #12 and Van Morrison at #23.

In coming up with the ranking, Pollstar takes into account headline performances over the last 30 days, and an average of ticket sales over the past 36 months.

Pollstar says the new ranking truly reflects “fan passion, audience consumption, and consumer engagement.”


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