Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift go way back, and they’ve collaborated with each other multiple times. So what does Ed think of Taylor’s new album, The Tortured Poets Department?

“I think it’s great. I always love the work that she does with Aaron [Dessner], and yeah, I think it’s a very powerful album,” Ed told Extra. Aaron produced most of the “surprise” portion of The Tortured Poets Department: the 15 Anthology songs Taylor released just a few hours after the “regular” version of the record. 

In fact, Ed was such a fan of what Taylor’s created with Aaron that he hired him to produce the two albums he released in 2023: – (Subtract) and Autumn Variations.

Speaking about his friendship with Taylor, Ed told Extra, “I find speaking to people in the same industry as you … I have a lot of friends that I grew up with obviously that I can speak to about stuff, but when you have someone in the same industry as you, they sorta get the things that you get, I guess.”

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