In 2015, Justin Bieber topped the chart with “Love Yourself,” which was co-written by Ed Sheeran. But when his pals asked Ed why he gave away a hit song, he had to remind them they thought it was lame.

According to Page Six, during a concert in Florida on May 3, Ed performed “Love Yourself” and spoke about the song’s backstory. “I was writing a lot of songs about a lot of different things, and I wrote this song and honestly, I played it to people and they went, ‘Meh,"” Ed told the crowd.

He revealed that when he played it for Justin Bieber, Justin said he wanted it. “I went ‘Cool, have it,’ and then it got very big,” Ed laughed. And when his friends asked him why he gave Justin the song, Ed said he replied, “You told me it wasn’t good!”

While in Florida, Ed attended the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix and posted footage on his Instagram of Formula 1 driver George Russell driving him around the track at top speed, which totally freaked him out.

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