After kicking off the first three shows of his Killed the Cowboy Tour, Dustin Lynch is officially in the groove of things and ready for an exciting trek.

“We’ve got the plan down and we’ve got some reps under our belts now. So now it’s just about getting comfortable,” Dustin told ABC Audio at Sunday’s CMT Music Awards.

Comfort, however, was recently shaken up when one of Dustin’s band members had a family emergency to attend to, almost leaving them drummer-less.

“We had a big wrench thrown into the mix. My drummer just had a baby two nights ago. So [on Saturday night], believe it or not, it was like, ‘Okay, will the show go on?’ And it did,” Dustin recounts. “His drum tech jumped up on and absolutely crushed it for us.”

“You know, the show must go on, and I’m just so blessed to be surrounded by such professional, awesome people,” the country star adds.

Dustin’s saddling up for upcoming Killed the Cowboy Tour shows in Charlotte, North Carolina; Salem, Virginia; and Youngstown, Ohio, on April 11, April 12 and April 13, respectively. For tickets and a full list of dates, visit Dustin’s website.

On the music front, Dustin’s Jelly Roll-assisted single, “Chevrolet,” is now in the top 30 of the country charts. You can find it on Dustin’s latest album, Killed the Cowboy. 

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