Dove Cameron used her new music video to speak out against the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that made abortion a constitutionally protected right.

The singer released the music video for “Breakfast” on Tuesday, which imagines a world where the gender roles are reversed. The fantasy world sees Dove and other female bosses terrorizing their male employees while her stay-at-home husband slaves away in the kitchen.

One scene sees Dove taking advantage of a male colleague after plying him with alcohol. The man then seeks an abortion and the doctor scolds, “Next time, make sure you don’t drink so much and make sure you’re dressed appropriately so you’re not provoking women.”

Dove explained why she wanted her music video to tackle themes of gender inequality, bodily autonomy and power dynamics.

“I was feeling incredibly disillusioned watching the recent SCOTUS ruling and I couldn’t wrap my head around making a music video at a time when I felt so desolate,” the actress said in a statement. “With this video, I want to show the disturbing contrast between stylized femininity and masculine power and the gender stereotypes that plague our social commentary.”

She continued, “I want the audience to notice how strange it is to watch the roles be reversed and it was important to highlight how ingrained these roles really are in our nervous systems. This is a video to remind us that ‘how it’s always been’ should never be a reason for desensitization or upholding broken systems.”

“Hopefully by recontextualizing these familiar scenes, this video will encourage people to vote for a world where we leave gender discrimination as a thing of the past and stop bringing the past into the present,” she added.

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