As Dierks Bentley continues working through his upcoming album, he reveals it took a few tries to get it right.

The hit singer has been working on the project for two years, and after a few failed attempts, he is confident in the direction the album is going.

“I’ve gone in to record it a few times and it felt good, but I didn’t feel great. So I decided to keep writing, and it just feels so great,” Dierks explains of his process. “This is my 10th album and all the pressure is coming from me. I want it to be great….[L]ike any album you’re making, [I want it] to draw off [of] what you’re interested in. I love the songs I have, love the feel of it. A lot of great country songs, a lot of great instrumentation.”

Dierks also hints that he’s uniting the past and present on the upcoming project, which follows his acclaimed 2018 album, The Mountain. He says the new music will sound different than his recently released hits, but will still fit into the modern cannon of country music.

“It’s going to sound pretty different than the current songs I’ve had out, ‘Gone’ and ‘Beers on Me,"” Dierks explains. “[I’m] trying to draw on some stuff I’ve done in the past, albums like Modern Day Drifter, but still give it a contemporary feel.”

He adds, “It’s gonna be a while before the album comes out, but it feels really good. I’m really excited about it. I feel the way you should feel when you’re making an album, and I hadn’t felt that way in the previous attempts, but this time around…a great band and great songs and really feeling good about the direction.” 

“Beers on Me” featuring Breland and Hardy is currently inside the top 20 on country radio.

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