Daya has made her grand return to music with the all-new single “Love You When You’re Gone,” which she dropped Wednesday.

The ’80s-infused track features nostalgic synths, retro beats and a fast-paced heartbeat rhythm. The track sounds like it’s a happy dance song, but in reality, the lyrics tell a different story.

“I only love you when you’re gone/ Lonely hearts just don’t belong,” Daya croons. “The way you fight, the way you drive reminds me/ I can’t stand you I just/ Love you when you’re gone.”

The 23-year-old singer further treated fans by releasing the song’s official music video, which sees her trying to live life without her lover but finding herself constantly thinking about them. Daya also watches the object of her affection seemingly move on with another girl.

The singer caught up with Rolling Stone about her new chapter and explained what direction she hopes to go.

“The video was intended to live somewhere in between a sort of dream world and reality where I’m processing the memories of my past relationship while coping with my own day-to-day loneliness and questions of identity without [the relationship],” Daya revealed.

She continued, “At the end, it’s a cathartic release and acceptance of the reality of the situation; that chapter of my life has closed and I am free to let go and grow into a new version of myself.”

Daya has yet to speak of a new album. She last released her EP The Difference in 2021 and assisted in the Blade Runner soundtrack with the single “Evil.”

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