At this point in his career, Charlie Puth has probably heard, “OMG I’m such a huge fan!” a million times. But he says there’s one specific thing that he considers the ultimate compliment — and he never gets tired of hearing it from his fans.

Speaking to E!, Charlie says his favorite thing to hear is “when a fan tells me that they started making music because of something that I did.”  He explains, “I want to really drive the narrative home that you can live your life and experience things like I did while making this album, and apply them towards art and make a melody out of it.”

Charlie, who’s currently on tour in support of his album Charlie, also reveals that after a show, you won’t find him partying like the proverbial rock star.

“I know that sounds kind of boring, but I like to close my eyes and just think about what the future holds for me musically and in my life,” he says of his after-show activities. “Sometimes, I write songs in my head when that happens too.” 

The singer’s brief One Night Only tour wraps up November 9 in Los Angeles.  He tells E!, “I’m looking forward to getting back on the road next year and connecting with fans on an even bigger scale.”

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