Charlie Puth used TikTok videos to show fans how he crafted his new album, Charlie, but he revealed in a new interview that it isn’t all that fun watching him make music in person.

He guested on the English radio station Heart and opened up about the kind of person he becomes when he switches into creative mode. “I’d imagine that I’m pretty impossible to be around,” he confessed.

Charlie spoke about working with his guitarist, named Jan, during songwriting sessions and admitted, “He will endure a lot of playful — I call it playful yelling — by me because I need to get the idea out of my head.”

While massaging his temples, the singer added, “I get so scared that I’m going to lose the idea, so I just got to … extract it out of my head and put it into Pro-Tools.”

“I don’t know. I become very intense,” Charlie quipped.  

Charlie also said during the interview that nearly all the songs he had originally composed for the album made it onto the final product. “I think I left off one song, and I may even revisit that song while on tour and include it in the deluxe version [of Charlie],” he teased. “It’s still a good song.”

Despite being a little chaotic in the studio when making music, Charlie maintained he is “very organized.”

As for when it comes time for Charlie to take a breather, he said he turns to quieter activities like painting and chess.

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