Charlie Puth is out with a new single, “Light Switch,” and the singer credits TikTok for inspiring his new music.

Charlie told E! News he first downloaded the popular video sharing app because he wanted to “educate people on how I make music… [and] inspire people musically.”  He added, “The whole point in my downloading TikTok originally wasn’t to make a career advancement.”

But that’s exactly what happened, Charlie admitted. TikTok inspired him to become more vulnerable and open with his thoughts and emotions, which bled into his songs.  “It’s scary for people to know more about me than I know about me,” he noted. “But that’s probably why the music is resonating more than ever before… I’m just oversharing life experiences and putting melody sprinkles on top of that.”

That also led him to work on his eponymous new album, the followup to 2018’s Voicenotes.  “I’m proud of myself that I opened up… I love oversharing and I’m going to continue to do it. I can’t really see putting out music a different way,” he said of his journey. “‘I’m calling [my new album] Charlie for that reason.”

It is unknown when Charlie will release his third studio album, but he told E! he’s intending for it to drop in the middle of the year.  He also joked that he might give acting a go following his debut on a Frito-Lay Super Bowl commercial as a beatboxing fox.

“Clearly I’m such a great actor now,” the 30-year-old quipped.  But, if given the option to dust off his acting chops, Charlie says he’d love to make a cameo in pal Jacob Elordi’s Euphoria.  “I love how dark it is,” he gushed. “It’s so twisted in the most grandiose kind of way. It takes pride in being twisted.”

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