(NOTE LANGUAGE) Cardi B is teaming up with fellow-Bronx rapper Kay Flock to release what might be  the hip hop anthem of the summer on April 15. 

The 29-year-old “Bodak Yellow” rapper started trending on Twitter Sunday, after a snippet of the drill-inspired track, “Shake It,” was released. While considered just a feature on the single, Cardi is surely the one fans are looking forward to hearing on the new song.  


“Cardi B is the Queen of the Bronx,” one Twitter user said, sharing a video originally posted by Sidetalknyc, of the rapper in what seems to be a shoot from the NY borough. 

In the clip, Cardi shows love to people of the Bronx, the home of both Cardi and 18-year-old Kay Flock, and also teases her verse on the track.  

Though Cardi is pushing promo for the upcoming single, she’s currently on a social media hiatus. The Grammy winner de-activated her Twitter and Instagram accounts on the night of the 2022 Grammy Awards after fans pointed out that she wasn’t in attendance. 


“I’m not going to a award if I don’t got a new song to perform Or my album ain’t out …,” Cardi said, attempting to explain her reasoning for not attending.

Because she was nominated for Best Rap Performance for her 2021 song, “Up,” fans weren’t satisfied with the response, prompting the rapper to continue to explain herself before deactivating her accounts.

“On God I hate this f****** dumba** fan base. You got the slow dumba***** dragging my kids all cause y’all though I was going to the Grammys and I didn’t the f*** ? When the f*** I hinted I was going ?just f****** stupid I can’t I needs to protect myself,” Cardi wrote, as reported by Billboard.


(Video includes uncensored profanity.)

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