Camila Cabello is counting down the days until fans can get their hands on her new studio album, Familia, because of how special it is to her.

Speaking to Elle Mexico, the Grammy nominee explained how coming out with “Don’t Go Yet” was a shift in her career and made her feel she finally “became an adult.”

Making the single helped her realize she wanted to make an album as “vivid as our culture. All of these new aspects come from me wanting to know who I am and who I want to be.”

Camila says Familia helped her establish balance in her identity. “The strong bond I have with my Mexican and Cuban cultures makes me feel like I have a home and that inspires me,” she explained. “For me, writing in Spanish has to come from wanting to create an authentic connection with people.”

Familia, Camila says, is autobiographical of what she “was experiencing at the time,” which includes her breakup from boyfriend Shawn Mendes. “It was really an evolution of my feelings and my life… I was in a relationship and then I wasn’t,” she said, noting each song on the album captures a different mood.  “My songs are to make me feel better, I wonder how I feel and start creating. It is processing and alchemizing my feelings.”

Camila revealed “Psychofreak” is her favorite single on the album because she sings about “the craziest and deepest thoughts I have when it comes to being in a relationship with someone… I bare my soul.”

She added, “Music is the most sacred relationship for me, all it asks of me is to be honest, and if I am, what I receive is magic.”

Familia drops April 8.

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