Fans of Britney Spears will be forever grateful to Mathew Rosengart for helping Britney extricate herself from her conservatorship last year. But other celebrities also appreciate Rosengart’s work on their behalf, and on Wednesday, one of them gave him an award at a ceremony in Beverly Hills.

Rosengart’s longtime client Sean Penn presented Rosengart with Variety’s Power of Law Award, and in his speech, Penn specifically highlighted the attorney’s work for Britney, which resulted in her being freed from her the restrictions placed on her for 13 years.

“By extracting a young woman named Britney Spears from a disturbingly antiquated conservatorship, he did much more than inspire the memes of fans in finding justice for this high-profile client,” Penn said, adding, “For those of us who have Matt on our side, we all feel we were the only fight on his card. He’s extraordinary.”

In his acceptance speech, Rosengart said it was when a friend praised him for his work with Britney — telling him, “You have changed somebody’s life at a time when law is under siege” — that he realized being a lawyer “really is a high calling,” adding, “It’s an honor to do the job.”

Penn’s ex-wife Madonna also happens to be a big Britney supporter, even suggesting earlier this year that she’d like to do a joint stadium tour with the younger star.

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