As previously reported, Queen’s Brian May is revisiting his 1983 all-star collaboration, Brian May + Friends: Star Fleet Project with a new box set. The project featured Eddie Van HalenAlan GratzerPhil Chen and Fred Mandel, and now May’s sharing some insight into how the project came to be in the first place.

In a new mini documentary, May explains that in 1983, after years of recording and touring, the members of Queen had become “slightly, I think, irritated with each other,” noting, “We decided we needed a break.”

“What I remember most vividly was, waking up in LA, one of my favorite places, thinking, ‘I could do anything today. Sun is shining, I got some friends here. Why don’t I make some phone calls?’” he says. “That’s what happened. I got on the phone with Ed Van Halen.” 

May got Van Halen to come to the studio, along with all the others, and soon had an idea for what he wanted to record.

“The biggest idea was I wanted to bring this TV series thing into kind of a rock domain as I saw it. I wanted to experiment with it,” he explains, referring to “Star Fleet,” a tune from a Japanese kid’s science fiction series, noting he “wanted to explore making the song into some sort of rock anthem.”

He adds of the group’s time in the studio, “It was just charged with electricity, excitement and anticipation,” adding, “it was a great feeling just to go in there and have this completely new interaction with people, all of whom I really respected.”

Brian May + Friends: Star Fleet Project will be released July 14 and is available for preorder now.

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