The series finale of ABC’s black-ish aired Tuesday night, and for Marsai Martin and Miles Brown, who played twins Diane and Jack Johnson on the series, it was emotional. They had to say goodbye to a show — and a set — on which they literally grew up for eight seasons.

Incidentally, their goodbyes also paralleled those of their characters, who move from the Johnson family home in the final episode. So the pair told ABC Audio they wanted something to remember their experiences by.

“I’m not going to snitch on myself, but I would say that I definitely had some memorabilia that I was to like, I was too selfish to not keep…” Miles admitted. “I feel like I can say this for every character — I feel like I don’t want to speak for them — but I definitely took some stuff.”

Marsai admitted, laughing, “I didn’t take any furniture, I took a piece of wood. I took a chunk of the freaking set.”

She added, “So I used to write on a piece of wood…outside of the set, and I used to, like, put my signature on it from the beginning of the season. So season two to now, you can see the progression of my signature. So I just asked…when they tear down the set, give me a piece of the chunk that I’ve been writing on for the past eight years.”

Marsai explains, “I have a…little baby sister, so I didn’t want to have, like, a toy or something, and we end up losing it, or it’s in a garage or a public storage somewhere.”

“So I can frame it, I can do whatever with it, but it’s not going to go into storage nowhere. So that’s what I got,” she giggled.

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