Billie Eilish once again has put her audience’s needs before her own. While performing at Madison Square Garden over the weekend, the “bad guy” singer encouraged the crowd to “take a breath.”

TMZ obtained video of the moment Billie encouraged the audience to calm down while she was about to launch into another song. “If you want to sit down, you are allowed,” she said while adjusting her guitar, “Go ahead, sit down. Take a breath.”

The Grammy winner also instructed those who had pushed themselves to the front row to “take a step back” and “give everyone some room.” Billie shaded her eyes from the stage lights so she could watch the crowd disperse. “Yeah, there we go,” she praised as the cheering grew quieter and she began an acoustic rendition of “Male Fantasy.”

This isn’t the first time Billie ensured the safety of her audience. She paused another concert earlier this month when a member of the audience needed an inhaler. The “Happier Than Ever” singer had her team rush over the medical device and told the crowd, “It’s okay, we got one. Give her some time. Don’t crowd. Relax, relax, it’s okay. We’re taking care of our people, hold on.”

That incident angered Kanye West, who felt Billie’s remarks were directed atT ravis Scott, who is still reeling from the November Astroworld tragedy, where 10 people died after the crowd surged the stage during his performance. Ye demanded Billie’s apology, saying he needed to hear it before he headlines Coachella later this year.

Billie, who is also a headliner, later responded, “literally never said a thing about travis. was just helping a fan.”

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