Billie Eilish‘s dress turned heads at Sunday’s Academy Awards, but not everyone was in love with it — and some were very vocal about that.

But the “bad guy” singer doesn’t give a you-know-what — literally.  Taking to TikTok Wednesday, Billie shared a video of one red carpet critic tearing apart the dresses he hated most, and her fluffy black number was number one on his list.  As the critic groans, “I’ve had enough of her s***” while displaying Billie’s gown in the background, the Oscar winner flashes a peace sign before flipping the bird.

It also should be noted that as she reacts, Billie is clearly sitting on the toilet and apparently putting it to the use for which it’s intended.  She even said as much in her caption, while tagging the critic, writing “i HAVENT had enough of my s***. i am s****ing right now.”

While Billie’s dress might not have been everyone’s favorite on Sunday night, her “No Time to Die” Bond theme was a hit, winning her and her producer/brother FINNEAS the Oscar for Best Original Song, making her the second-youngest winner to ever collect the honor.

It also should be of note that Billie’s also now the first person born in the 2000s to win an Oscar. Not only that, her win at the Academy Awards allowed her to collect the ultra-rare “Triple Crown” in film music award wins, confirmed Guinness World Records, with “No Time to Die” also picking up a Golden Globe and a Grammy Award.

So people dragging Billie’s dress does appear to be small potatoes compared to everything else.

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