Big Sean has a special place in his heart for Dragon Ball Z, but that takes a back seat to his son, Noah Hasani. Since becoming a father in 2022, the rapper has become fond of the simple pleasures that come with parenthood.

“One of the biggest lessons of fatherhood that I love is just enjoying the simple things,” Sean tells Essence, for which he’s the current cover. “I feel like I kind of lost touch with that before having my son. And what I mean by that is, if I’m walking with him outside, just looking at the sky, looking at a plant, he’ll want to reach out for a flower. And then I admire the flower, too. And I appreciate him, because even though he’s my son, it’s like he’s teaching me.”

He adds, “So that’s one of the things I really appreciate—slowing down and focusing solely on Noah. Because you can’t do anything else but focus on him.”

Outside of that, Sean has been focused on making music, including the songs on his upcoming album, which is “just me having fun and expressing myself.” 

“The only thing I’m going for is just authenticity,” he says. “I don’t like putting too much pressure on an album anymore. I just want to get my art off, do my thing.”

His dream acting role is playing a superhero in a movie with his “homies” ­Lawrence Lamont, director James Gunn and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“I know that when it comes to acting and just anything I do, I want to really concentrate and focus on it,” Sean says. “So when that time comes, if it’s right, then it’s right.”

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