Avril Lavigne celebrates the 20th anniversary of her debut studio album, Let Go, this June.  In a new interview, the “Love It When You Hate Me” singer reflected on her storied career and why she’s so excited for her next chapter.

Speaking to Fault, the Grammy nominee explained, “I look at all my albums like a journey into my story over the last 20 years. I’ve been writing music from when I was a teen, to a young adult and this one is my story today as a woman.” 

Avril’s upcoming seventh studio album, LOVE SUX, comes out February 25 , and she says it marks “the first time I’ve made a record that’s rock all the way through.”

“When I started the album, I was definitely in the mindset of ‘If I’m going to rely on anyone in this world, it’s going to be me,"” she continued. “I’ve had been doing this so long and reached a lot of goals in my career. I feel I’ve earned the right to have fun and enjoy what I built over all of these years.”

“Being out on the road for a year at a time, traveling, doing promo, and all the other work that I put in over the years, it’s now time to just make fun music and have a blast,” Avril explained. “This record is one I’ve always wanted to make.”

Avril burst into the scene when she released her debut single, “Complicated,” on March 11, 2002.  With her seventh — and, according to her, best — album coming out in a few weeks, she says she’s no longer feeling any “pressure” when it comes to her music career.

Said Avril, “Life’s short so it’s time for me to have fun.”

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