Ever since Andy Grammer released his latest hit “Saved My Life,” fans have shared with him their stories about the special people who saved their lives. But Andy says the song inadvertently ended up saving the special person in his life who inspired it — emotionally, if not literally.

Leigh is the one that I wrote it about. She’s my godmother, and she showed up for me when mom passed away,” Andy tells ABC Audio. “And she had been having an unreasonably difficult year. She lost both of her brothers…so she was kind of raw and going through it. And to have this song come out — I didn’t plan it at all, the song was written before these things happened to her. But she kind of needed a boost, and it’s really worked out.”

Andy’s also helped fans thank their special people by literally going with the fans to surprise them in person. One fan in particular was adopted and needed extensive surgery, but her mom never gave up on her. 

“So, she’s saying that to her mother,” Andy says, describing their surprise visit. “And then we play ‘Saved My Life,’ and they’re crying, and it’s the sweetest thing ever!”

Andy will likely play the song Saturday when he performs at the 36th Carousel of Hope Ball, benefiting the Children’s Diabetes Foundation. When it comes to charity events, he says, “I think that music is an intensifier. So whatever feeling that you’re feeling, when you add music to, it’s like a flame that you’re adding gas to. And if you are all here together to try to raise money… then music can make your heart open up and go like, “Y’know what? I can give more here.”

He smiles, “So, I love to try to be the gasoline.”

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