Andy Grammer is the father of two young daughters — 5-year-old Louisiana and 2-year-old Israel — and they’ve changed how he makes music.

Speaking with The Harvard Crimson, the “Honey, I’m Good” singer said having girls altered the messaging in his songs.

“It’s been really fascinating to have a whole different relationship with the feminine,” he disclosed. “I spent most of my life writing love songs, like straight across to my wife. And there’s something really fun about writing downward.” 

Andy garnered a reputation for being music’s “good guy” because he tends to write lighthearted and upbeat music. He broke out into the music scene in 2011 with his hit “Keep Your Head Up” and he says he infuses all his music with that sincerity. 

“At the core, [it’s] just who I am,” he explained, noting he writes songs about “life proofs” — or life experiences.  

“That’s my main goal [when writing]: How do I find a part of life that we’re all going through?” said the Dancing with the Stars alum. “I think that music has a way of getting at those things better than anything else.”

Now he’s writing music with his two girls in mind. He’s released a track that is father-daughter dance worthy titled “Good Man (First Love).”

Andy is set to release his fifth studio album, which he says will include all the singles he’s released over the past few months. “Even for me if someone drops an album, even if I love them, I find my attention span is [too] low to appreciate all of it,” he admitted. “I don’t want a track eight to just never get heard. I care so much about every one of these songs.”

It is currently unknown when Andy’s still-untitled new album will arrive.

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