After turning 41 years old last week, Alicia Keys is still facing the challenge of being a mother, a wife and a superstar, while finding time to relax. She celebrated her birthday by announcing a new health and wellness partnership with the Athleta company, and has found a new focus for her life.

“Everything with me is about wellness,” the 15-time Grammy winner tells People. “That’s what all of this is about, taking the everyday and turning it into a small bit of a ritual so that you can have a moment for yourself.”

Alicia says keeping a book of notes helps keep her balanced.

“I found that like for me as a writer, I really needed to get back into my journaling because I was getting all backed up in my head, and I was feeling all these things but I wasn’t really able to express them,” the “Karma” singer explains. “Getting back into my journaling really opened a space for me, and it made me become more creative too because I was kind of stuffing that down.”

The former coach for The Voice adds that skiing with husband Swizz Beatz. and sons Egypt, 11, and Genesis, 7, is one of her favorite ways to relax.

“It’s also such a beautiful way to be with your family because so many times everybody’s doing everything in different directions, so it’s really nice to have something that you do together,” she explains.

Tumblr announced on Thursday that Alicia is featured in the first installment of its new Artist of the Month series, in which she’s seen presenting exclusive new content. In the first clip, Alicia talks about how one of her favorite artists, Sade, blessed a song on her new album, Keys.

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