Alice in ChainsJerry Cantrell has located his lost guitar.

On Tuesday, April 9, Cantrell posted that his prized original Blue Dress G&L guitar, which he’s had since 1985, had gone missing and was believed to be stolen. In a video update on Wednesday, April 10, Cantrell shares that the guitar had simply been “misplaced … during transit between photoshoots and the studio” while he was working on a new album.

“We found the damn thing!” Cantrell exclaims. “God, what a relief … I really thought this thing had gone missing.”

Cantrell notes that he’s had a guitar stolen before, and it took him 18 years to get it back.

“I was worried to death that this thing was gone,” Cantrell says of the Blue Dress. “Happy to cry wolf, it was misplaced, I hope you understand my concern. The thing is OK … and we will be rocking together very shortly for you.”

Cantrell also thanks everyone who reached out to him with and shared his initial post.

“It just makes me feel very f****** special to have so many great people in my life and so many people care,” he says.

Cantrell’s previously said that the Blue Dress guitar has “been on everything I’ve ever recorded, pretty much.” It’s named after the pinup picture on the front, and it also has a Soundgarden sticker on the back.

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