Since releasing his debut album 20 years ago, 50 Cent says his music has already garnered the amount of sales he once desired. “I’ve done what I wanted to do in the [sales] capacity,” he says in his first solo cover story for Billboard. “I’ve sold over 35 million records. Not singles — albums.” Now he gets “the attention that I want from music when I want it,” and it appears that time is coming soon.

After touring sold-out shows across 45 countries, 50 is ready “to offer new music that I could integrate into everything now.” He says he’s working on an album with Dr. Dre, a few collaborations with Eminem and a feature on Nas‘ King’s Disease 4. He’s also gearing for a few shows, including the Lovers & Friends Festival in May, as well as his first U.S. tour in 13 years.

This time around, 50’s music will find him rapping perception of the game as someone who’s no longer in the game. “I’m looking at the angles of it happening from different perspectives instead of putting myself in the middle of actually doing something to someone,” he explains. “I wrote a lot of the material like that [before], but there are a million other approaches to use. So I’ll do those other things so I can still capture what goes on in the environment now.”

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