Camila Cabello has said in various interviews that her hometown of Miami inspired the sound of her new album, C, XOXO, and in a newly released trailer for the project, she makes the inspiration even more obvious.

The trailer features footage of Camila in various situations in Miami — in a car, on the beach at night and hanging out with girlfriends —with a voiceover that narrates a story of someone the singer refers to as “she.”

“She likes to drive with the windows down so she can hear what the city’s saying at night,” narrates Camila. “She likes its broken English; its all-over-the-place music taste … they always said this city would be underwater by now. then again, that’s what they said about her. I guess they both learned how to swim.”

Then, Camila includes herself in the narration, saying, “We go from the beach to the car ride home in our sticky, salty hair. What’s the point of foundation? It’ll just melt off anyway. Just some mascara and … can I borrow some lip gloss?”

“We tan because what’s the difference? We fly too close to the sun anyways,” she continues. “The sun is our only constant lover: the way he kisses our skin and our hair — no wonder we feel so pretty.”

Camila then goes back to talking about the mysterious “she.”

“Yeah, she takes trips and she’s out in LA and New York and s***,” says Camila. “When all is said and done, though, you hear her screaming, “305 ’til i die, b****!”  

It’s not clear if this entire spoken-word piece is part of the album, or it was just made for the trailer. C, XOXO arrives June 28. A new song, “He Knows” featuring Lil Nas X, is out on May 10.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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