Zayn Malik says he saved Harry Styles from walking into special-effects flames while they were touring with One Direction.

The singer talked about the incident in an interview with Sean Evans on Hot Ones that was released Thursday. The pyrotechnical mishap happened during a concert in 2013.

“It’s actually amazing, because it makes me look great,” Zayn said. “On stage, Harry was right next to a pyro, and the pyro was about to go off, because they were on timers. He had a towel over his head, and he had his head over the pyro and he didn’t see that the pyro was there.”

Zayn continued to describe the incident, saying that in footage from the show, you can see him run from one side of the stage to the other and push Harry out of the way. “And the pyro explodes in front of his face — that was really dangerous.”

Zayn’s appearance on Hot Ones comes the day after he announced his fourth studio album, Room Under the Stairs, which arrives May 17.

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