On a new ABC game show airing Monday night, 12 people who are related to celebrities will compete to cash in on the fact that they’ve got a famous family member. Called Claim to Fame, the show — co-hosted by Jonas Brothers member Kevin Jonas and his little brother Frankie Jonas — boasts a $100,000 prize.

“We have 12 contestants living in a house together that are all related to a famous relative, but they don’t know who is related to who. And so the idea is you’ve got to maintain your secret identity for as long as you can,” Kevin explains to ABC Audio. “So [there are] a lot of twists and turns, a lot of figuring out who’s related to people by the games we play with them and, y’know, giving away any information as it comes along.”

“There’s a lot of strategy involved, but it’s also just really fun,” Kevin adds. However, he thinks the contestants didn’t realize quite how cutthroat the competition would be.

“[They] went into this thing going, ‘Y’know, I’m going to meet a lot of people that have similar circumstances as me!"” he laughs. “So they thought they were making a lot of friends … and I’m not sure everyone stayed friends the whole time!”

Kevin says he and Frankie were “kept in the dark about who was related to who” so they could play along. As a result, Kevin says, “The reaction … from us [when we start] understanding who’s related to who is very genuine.”

“But then off set, we’re having pools as to see whose guesses are correct,” Frankie laughs. “And surprisingly, pretty much consistently, we were both massively incorrect!”

Claim to Fame debuts Monday, July 11, at 10:01 p.m. ET on ABC.

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